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It's Time to Move and Improve!

February is the perfect time to think about matters of the heart—literally! What is the condition of your heart? Better yet, how is your cardiovascular fitness (how well do your heart and lungs work together to supply oxygen and energy to your body)? If you answered these questions as, “Not sure or not so good,” take heart in knowing help is on the way. The 2017 EMHS’ Move and Improve program begins this month. Move and Improve helps motivate you to increase the amount of physical activity you engage in on a daily/weekly basis to improve your Total Health.
Program Cost……………………Free!
Program Length…………………2-weeks, February 26—May 20, 2017
Program Registration…………...Now—March 23, 2017
Program Goals………………......Engage in physical activity at a moderate level of intensity for a minimum of eight of the 12 weeks selecting one of the goals listed below:
30 minutes per day for 4 days per week                         
30 minutes per day for 5 days per week                                                                       
45 minutes per day for 5 days per week
60 minutes per day for 5 days per week
60 minutes per day for 7 days per week
Program Location………………

We encourage you to join the program as a participant under the Home Office. There are two options available:
  • For those who are Virgin Pulse Users through EMHS:
Virgin Pulse is teaming up with EMHS’ Move and Improve program to offer you the opportunity to earn 400 Virgin Pulse bonus points for participating and successfully completing and logging your goal for eight out of the 12 weeks of this physical activity program. Move and Improve encourages participants to increase the amount of physical activity on a daily and weekly basis! When signing up for Move and Improve through be sure to select “EMHS Virgin Pulse User” as your site affiliation and then select Home Office as your team (the team option box will appear once EMHS Virgin Pulse User site is selected).

*Please note … you will be able to access Move and Improve through the  website and through the program page located on your Virgin Pulse homepage menu. In June, Virgin Pulse will only be notified of participants who successfully log and complete their Move and Improve goal accomplishment. These employees will be awarded the 400 bonus points.
  • For those who are not part of Virgin Pulse through EMHS
When signing up for Move and Improve through, just be sure to select “Home Office” as your site affiliation. This will be connected to the Total Health efforts of the Home Office.

To learn more, contact Nicole Hammar at x37245 or
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Kids' Rules for Online Safety

February means school vacation week for many kids in Maine. They may pass the time hanging out with friends, watching high school basketball, or surfing the web. As a working parent, it can be difficult to keep a watchful eye on your child’s internet activity, so we compiled some helpful hints that you and your family can follow for online safety.

One of the most important key elements of keeping children safe online is to begin educating them at an early age and keep reminding them. “I feel internet safety is not just telling your children the rules, but teaching them the skills they need to stay safe as they grow,” says Christie Polley, system director for EMHS Information Security. “I started having open discussions with my children as soon as they started browsing the internet.” 

Here are a few “rules” to share with your kids about staying safe online:

•Do not overshare personal information. Let children know the importance of protecting themselves and their information. For example, online games and questionnaires that ask for your favorite colors or the make of your first car could put your security at risk. These same questions and answers are often used as “backdoor” security questions that can grant access to your account.
•Be aware of location-based services that expose your location and whereabouts. This can be hard to avoid with popular games like Pokémon Go or, for parents, the shopping apps at department stores and fast food, which rely on your device or account location-service. Always be aware that your location is being shared and don’t share your whereabouts unnecessarily. Know how to turn on and off the location settings on your phone.
•Use strong passwords, like phrases or sentences. A longer password is harder to crack than a short complex password. In addition, a phrase or sentence is easier to remember and more unique to you.
•Set your and your children’s privacy settings on the highest setting. Many devices and online accounts have a range of privacy settings. Be aware of what your options are and set them accordingly for the security of you and your children.
•Keep your software updated. Software updates often include fixes for bugs and areas of weakness that hackers can exploit. Make sure you update your software and applications every time an update is available.
•Remind children that what they post online is permanent. What is posted online–deleted or not–stays online. Forever. Historical copies are made and saved of everything. Some posts might seem normal for someone your child’s age, but could be embarrassing when they become an adult or are seeking employment. If you really want to show them how true this is, show them your old MySpace or Friendster account. You might share a good laugh as well as a learning moment.
Depending on your child’s age, Christie adds, “Talk about basic concepts, but keep it simple, like choosing appropriate passwords and not sharing personal information (like phone numbers or home address). Then discuss the more in-depth concepts like not accepting friend requests from people they do not know and to never agree to participate in private online chats. How our children interact with the internet is constantly changing. So, it is important to maintain open lines of communication.” To make these conversations more tangible, here are pledges that kids, teens, and parents can agree on and sign.
You can find more information about how to help you and your family stay safe online at
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Thank You, EMHS Devotees of Denim!

Your generous contributions on our Home Office Jeans Day events are appreciated by the many member organizations that are a part of EMHS. In 2016, EMHS member organizations received nearly a thousand dollars each on behalf of Home Office employees. These dollars help our members and are invested directly back into our communities. Throughout 2017, Compass will share stories of how our Jeans Day contributions translate into direct care.
For example, at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, Philanthropy director Jack Frost tells Compass that they are raising money for 3D radiography technology. Not only does this technology provide the most accurate imaging, it helps reduce potential patient anxiety associated with longer wait times and repeat visits. The Breast Clinic at Maine Coast wants to implement 3D radiography technology as soon as possible, but must first raise $400,000. Jack anticipates being more than half-way to that goal by May 2017. Early detection can help save lives and the newest available technology will make a difference throughout the downeast region. For some, this difference will be lifesaving.
Jeans Days are always held on the Friday of the Home Office pay week. So, pick out your favorite pair for the next Jeans Day Friday, February 10.
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Prepare to Manage Change

In our line of work, nothing stays the same for very long—change is inevitable. Sometimes how we are led through change can make all of the difference. The EMHS Talent and Diversity staff understands that leaders who are prepared to manage change, will do so with better outcomes. Beginning this month, a new Change Management workshop helps students learn the steps of the Kotter change model, identify strategies to overcome resistance to change, and review the core components of a high reliability organization. They will also examine the emergence of matrixed relationships at EMHS and how they affect a leader’s ability to manage change.

For leaders and all employees who find it difficult to attend any of the workshops during the 8 am to 5 pm business day, Talent and Diversity offers evening and Saturday workshops. For more information about all of the programs offered, visit the Talent Management’s webpage, here, or the class schedule here.
EMHS employees who are participating in Virgin Pulse can now earn 100 points for every workshop they attend (up to 300 points per quarter).
See what your peers have been saying, learn about preapproved continuing education credits for workshops, or visit the Talent and Diversity website for instructions on how to register.
You have questions? We have answers!
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Look Who’s Cookin’!

Do you appreciate great food but only have time for takeout? It does seem that today we are more a culture of convenience eating than home cooking. While convenience and fast food seemed like an amazing liberation when these technologies were being developed, the dark underside of this change in how and what we eat has reached the boiling point. These foods are often not good for us and overall, our national health is suffering.
So how do we get back in the kitchen and make healthy food if, perhaps, we’ve forgotten how to cook, no longer have time to cook, or simply don’t know any more what is and isn’t healthy to eat?
Good news! EMHS Total Health is here to help. By participating in the Total Health winter challenge, featuring ten demonstrational videos, which were produced in partnership with Fox22/ABC7; EMMC's Medical Fitness; Partnerships to Improve Community Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The fun begins tomorrow (Friday, February 3). And the best news is that you have a chance to win fabulous prizes and 400 extra Virgin Pulse Points*!
The videos will be made available through EMHS Total Health online so log on and sign up today!
Five prize levels
Cooking show fan: Three-piece bamboo cutting board set (five winners)

  • watch seven of ten videos 

Culinary student: Five-piece bamboo and silicone utensil set (four winners)

  • watch seven of ten videos
  • make the recipe or put into action a tip from three of the videos 

Sous chef: Immersion blender (three winners)

  • watch all ten videos
  • make the recipe or put into action a tip from five of the videos 

Executive Chef: Cuisinart set of knives (two winners)

  • watch all ten videos
  • make the recipe or put into action a tip from seven of the videos
  • re-make a favorite recipe according to the health principles from one or more videos 

Master Chef: A 4-meal/4-person Blue Apron gift subscription (one winner)

  • watch all ten videos
  • make the recipe or put into action a tip from ten of the videos
  • create an original recipe according to the health principles from one or more videos 

* Virgin Pulse points not applicable to Lakewood.
All participants who successfully complete a level will be entered into a random drawing for that level’s prize.


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Value-tine's Day Fifth Anniversary

Are there people in your EMHS family who deserve a thank you for something big or small? Now is a great time for you to tell them in a special way. This year marks the fifth anniversary of EMHS’ Value-tine's Day, an event created to recognize and celebrate our caring, thoughtful, and hard-working coworkers.

The goal of Value-tine's Day is to foster appreciation of Home Office employees who exemplify our values through their work. We encourage employees to thank their peers by using specially created Value-tine cards, which are the traditional EMHS “Thank You” cards, with a twist.

How it works:

Now through February 6, look for the red Value-tine's Day boxes stocked with “Thank You” cards and special red envelopes for the occasion, which will be placed in common areas at your office location. Simply fill out one or several notes of appreciation, address the envelope, and place it back into the red box for delivery. We welcome creativity—if you’d like, add personal touches like fastening candy treats or small trinkets to your cards, as we’ve seen in past years. The Values Team will then collect and sort the cards, and deliver them to the recipients’ supervisors. Supervisors will then be asked to hand deliver cards to their staff on February 14, Value-tine's Day.

For more information or ways to get involved at your Home Office location, please contact Sue Cullen or E.J. Hikel.